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Shogun Pirata (bus + almuerzo)


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Vive la difference aboard a sailboat authentic oriental entirely built in hardwood teak, for the private use of an Arab sheik. Luxurious, spacious and comfortable, the SHOGUN you will enjoy close contact with nature. A course of 5 hours, during which we will sight pilot and bottlenose dolphins, protected by international regulations and agreements whales. The SHOGUN, complying with these standards is in possession of the yellow flag with the distinctive "blue boat" which guarantees the sighting of whales and dolphins with maximum guarantees for these.

Due to its geographical and subject to the action of the trade winds position and the great summit of Teide acting screen, the Canary Islands and more specifically the south of Tenerife has a temperature in waters between 17 and 24 degrees throughout the year . This ensures the permanent presence of numerous species of cetaceans, such as: Tropical whales and Bottlenose Dolphins, along with other migratory species such as fin whales, sperm whales, killer whales, beaked whales, Spotted Dolphin, Common Dolphin or Dolphin Rough Tooth.

After thrill us with these wonderful animals, anchor in the Bay of Masca and the impressive cliff Los Gigantes to enjoy a refreshing swim and deserved lunch.

It has a covered area with sun and shade, as well as a café-lounge, an open bar and 3 services. It also has an ideal place to relax sunbathing top cover. MENU -Paella. -Chicken. -Tropical salad. -Refresco, Beer, water and wine. Teeing Puerto ColónLos Children under 6 are free.

Day excursion: Monday and Friday
Tour Duration: 8 hours
Adult Price: € 52.00
child from 6 to 12 years without complying price: 26,00 €